Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The unpredictable nature of psoriatic arthritis

Hello friends! I wanted to provide a little update to let you know how my time away from work is going.

There have been a few really good days. So good, in fact, that I couldn't help but wonder why I needed this time off work. Sadly, there were only a few of these days. Most of what I have experienced have been moderate days. These are the days that I have pain, but that I realize that my time away from work allows me the opportunity to do physical therapy, cook nutritious, healing foods and focus on my health. And then, there are the days like I had yesterday: high pain days.

Fortunately, these high pain days aren't every day. These are the days when I get nothing done at home. Days like this, I find that it's sometimes difficult to get myself around to get to the kitchen or bathroom. I cry because I rely so heavily on Nora and Scott, and then I feel guilty. On these days, Scott cooks (after a full day at work) and brings my dinner to me. Nora keeps my water bottle full. Molly, the dog, waits patiently for someone else to come home and take her for a walk. Days like this suck. Days like this make my weekly visit to my mental therapist an absolute necessity.

Ultimately, what these days remind me of is the unpredictable nature of psoriatic arthritis. I have to remember to enjoy the good days and take care of myself on the bad days. More updates to come!

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